Halsreif von Designerin Maria Uys


Halsreif von Designerin Maria Uys


Halsreif mit Magnetverschluss, Filz, Südafrika

Wearable Art - African inspired surface design

Designerin Maria Uys

The Afrigarde range was created by Maria Uys as part of her Baccalaureus of Technologiae degree in Surface Design at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 2014. As part of her research in Cultural Studies and traditional Ndebele Surface Design and body adornment, she decided to work with Felt as a medium, and create a range of Wearable Art. The range aims to create a future aesthetic which incorporates the traditional design elements of African body adornment, while redefining the cultural barriers that certain traditional dress might create. The concept of the range aims to question cultural biases and our perception of what is “Foreign” or “Alien”.

Afrigarde trains women living in poverty in high-end jewellery-making skills in order to supplement their income from doing casual jobs. This empowers these women to be able to sustain their household and grow business skills.

Ndebele word for

Umfazi = Woman

Zunguleza = Encircle

Dlala = Collar

Bobotheka = Smile

Ceco = To be adorned

Iqhude = the female initiation ceremony

Indoda = the mal initiation period

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