Hand - turned wooden dolls or more?

Kokeshi are hand-turned, painted wooden dolls.

They have been made in traditional Onsen, resorts with thermal springs since the mid -19th century. Kokeshis are said to be nourished by harsh winters, blessed by the hot springs, and brought to life by the uncompromising spirit of the artisans.

The techniques have been passed down for generations, mostly within families. Many of the manufacturers produce both traditional Kokeshis in one of the 12 classic regional styles as well as creative Kokeshis, where they let their imaginations run wild.

In the mid - 20th century, Kokeshis were discovered by collectors. Many believe they have experienced that these highly stylized creatures, with their gentle, calm expression, create peace in their surroundings and positively influence and enchant the atmosphere. They are given away together with a wish for the recipient. Typical occasions are birthdays, the turn of the year, housewarmings or weddings. The recent fashion of the young generation is to take Kokeshis with them to all occasions and to present themselves with them in the media in a wide variety of places.

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